Giclée Reproductions

Limited Editions


(smaller size available on request)

"Our Grand Icon"
Limit of 75
100cm x 78cm

"The Triplets"
Limit of 75
100cm x 65cm

"The Monarch"
Limit of 75
100cm x 78cm

Open Editions

** Matted & shrink-wrapped  
Size Paper Canvas
26cm x 20cm $120** N/A
56cm x 41cm $195 $390
80cm x 60cm  $430 TBA
Full Size on request

A deposit is needed to order
full size prints

"Afternoon Delight"

"A Walk in the Valley"

"By the Wharf"

"Roses with Tankard"

"Roses with Wine Goblet"
"Hold Everything!"
"Peak Hour"
"Mmm ... Nice Chick!"

"Sunset Pastoral"
"Oakbank Pastoral "
"The Scholar"
"Dairy D'Light"

"Pecking Order"
"Border Patrol"
"At Her Peck and Call"
"Summer Rose"

"Love Story"
"Morning Symphony"
"Onkaparinga Morning"
"Spring Bloom"

"Adelaide Hills Gold"
"Golden Delight"
"This is Australia"
"The Carousel"

"Rose Garden, Lenswood"
"Roses with a Touch of Glass"

Lithographic Prints

"Herefords On Ice"
51cm x 35cm
"The Hereford Shuffle"
51cm x 35cm
35cm x 26cm
"Gathering at the Trough"
35cm x 26cm

Tiles ($65), Mugs($20) and Coasters($12)
of your favourite images are available on request

Ideal as gifts for any occasion

Please allow for postage and handling

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